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Archive: Bristol Harbourside Market

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Now that the Temple range has finally gone into production, albeit in small quantities one at a time in our workshop, what better way for people to try out our bikes than by getting on down to Bristol's Harbourside Market! We were there on Saturday with a selection of bikes to show off and talk about.

We set up the stall at around 9.30am on what must have been the nicest morning of the year so far. It was a busy day, with the bikes attracting a lot of attention while they caught the morning light magnificently. Our bespoke option went down really well and we'll be meeting with a few of the great people we met and spoke with soon, to see what they want from a Temple bike.

It was great to see a complete range of people interested, from beginners to experts. Matt even got the chance to answer plenty of technical questions about the design of the frames and the steel we use. With so much detail having gone into the design of the bikes, it's brilliant that people recognise this and want to know more!

Our favourite comment of the day came from someone having a look around one our ladies models: “So how much would this set me back- about £1000?”

A reminder that classic looks and quality don't have to be unaffordable. (Our prices in fact start from £485!)

If you would like to meet us and talk about bikes, then get in touch. Most of the bikes we build at the moment are bespoke builds and usually start with a meeting over a coffee or tea to nail down what you need according to your budget, style and usage.


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