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Three Great Leather Bike Accessories for Winter

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There’s a vast selection of bike accessories available on the market, from practical waxed canvas bags to ludicrous banana holders. So we thought we’d run through our top selection of leather bike accessories that are both practical throughout the winter months and aesthetically pleasing.

1. The U-Lock Holster

Carrying a bike lock is an imperative but it’s not easy. Lugging a bag from A to B just to carry a lock isn’t always the best idea, especially on longer or more intensive rides. We’ve seen people slinging locks over their shoulders and even attempting to balance them on handlebars - but again, problems arise and it’s far more effort and interference than it’s worth.

The solution: well, we highly recommend the handmade leather U-Lock holster from Oopsmark, and we’ll tell you why. To begin, it’s easy to fit and can be placed in various positions on your bike to best suit you and the model you’re riding; we usually mount it behind the saddle as it tucks away quite naturally and can be reached with ease. If you prefer, it’s also easily mounted to a front basket or rear pannier rack.

It’s also a great aesthetical addition to classic designs. The vegetable tanned leather naturally blends in with other features such as Brooks saddles or leather grip which means you avoid having an out-of-place and clunky accessory, such as a plastic lock bracket.

This is a simple tool but can make your cycling life much better.
Read more about the Oopsmark Leather U-Lock Holster or Purchase here.

2. Wine Bottle Holder

leather bike wine bottle holder temple cycles

 We’re fast approaching the season to be merry and whilst we don’t advocate a drinking and cycling combination, it is traditional (and just polite) to take a bottle of mulled wine to any sort of Christmas event you’re invited to. But how do you juggle it to your destination? Once you’ve got your glad rags on, do you really want to throw on an old rucksack just for a bottle of wine?

This is where the leather wine bottle holder comes into play. Handmade in Montreal with vegetable-tanned leather, this great accessory attaches neatly to most bike frames with antique brass fasteners and the clamps that hold the bottle in place are well hidden.

The vegetable-tanned leather also ages exceptionally well, just like a fine wine, so you can be assured that it’ll look better and better with age. The result: a great looking bike accessory that has an outstanding practical function.
Read more about the Oopsmark Leather Wine Holder or Purchase here.

3. Elkhide Chainstay Protector

leather bike chainstay protector temple cycles

Unfortunately for every cyclist, roads aren’t as smooth as silk and every bump can result in the chain slapping on the chainstay. Not only can this cause pretty horrible sounds but overtime can damage the chainstay, creating scratches and scars in the paintwork.

There are a variety of chainstay protectors out there but we choose to protector ours in style. The handcut elkhide chainstay protector is a great addition to most bikes, giving them a smooth and slick finish whilst doing its duty to protect. The leather is thick enough to avoid damage to the frame and mutes the sound of chainslapping, as well as being very easy to wipe clean if any grease is desposed from the chain.

The other great thing is that it doesn’t cost as much as you’d think, making them a very affordable accessory. In the long run, they’ll also save you a lot of money that otherwise would have been spent on repairing and respraying the chainstay. So, if you want your bike to stay sharp, it’s a no brainer.
Read more about the Elkhide Chainstay Protector or Purchase here.

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