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Christmas Gift Ideas

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As the Temple Cycles Christmas Pop Up rolls into its final few days, we’re realising just how quickly Christmas is approaching. If, like us, you’re yet to get a single present for anyone, fear not! We’ve got a great selection of gifts in-store from handmade stocking fillers to beautifully crafted bike parts. So if you want to impress that bike enthusiast in your life, here’s our top 3 Christmas gift recommendations.

Handmade Bells

These are the perfect aforementioned stocking fillers. Handmade by the guys at Crane in Osaka, Japan, these bells have a timeless design and are stunning additions to any bike with a traditional look. What’s more, they’re 50% louder than your usual “ding ding” bell! It’s a no brainer really - you just need to decide on the perfect colour: gold, rose or silver?

Leather Grips

How do you tell your friends to get a better grip on things the easy way? With a pair of Temple Cycles leather grips of course. Made using carefully selected premium leather, these grips have a soft feel and nice tone. They also fit on any bike and are incredibly easy to install so there’s nothing to worry about! Take your pick of light or dark brown to finish.

Leather Carry Handles

We can’t get enough of these and we’d happily talk about them until the cows come home. Why? Well not only are they handmade using high quality leather and stainless steel buckles but they’re one of the most useful accessories you can purchase. With it’s ergonomic shape and soft leather, this carry handle allows you to easily defeat otherwise challenging stairs with your bike gently in hand. If you know anyone who cycles in a city (especially if they commute), this is the ideal gift for them.

But these aren’t all; we’ve got tonnes of accessories and bike parts in-store and online for you to take-away before Christmas.

All that’s left to say is Merry Christmas!

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