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25th October 2019 - By George

It is getting to the time of year where the memories of sun-kissed summer evenings are becoming a distant enough memory to finally admit to yourself the change of seasons, inevitably, at our door. But there's no need to panic and retreat indoors with blankets and bowls of stew just yet, as it's a brilliant time of year to be out on your bike. Don your favourite gloves and venture outdoors and you'll be treated to beautiful autumnal light and tunnels of firey coloured leaves.

As the evenings draw in it is very important to be adequately lit when cycling. Being visible to other road users greatly lowers your chance of being involved in an accident. In the UK, the law states that you must ride with front and rear lights between sunset and sunrise. However, autumn and winter also bring with them dull days and poor visibility, so riding with lights during the day is advisable.

There are fundamentally two different categories of bike light; the first are lights to "be seen" and the second are lights to be able to see with.

Lights to "be seen" are perfect for urban riding where the road is well lit meaning the main function of the light is to enhance your visibility to other roads users.

Lights to see by are perfect when you may be riding in a rural setting or anywhere the road is not lit from other sources. They are generally much more powerful with a beam that has enough brightness to light up the road surface in front of you.

Like with the other accessories we stock these Bookman lights have become a staff favourite with the team here at Temple. Between us, we have a wealth of experience with different manufacturers and styles of light and rate Bookman's range as among the best we have seen regardless of price. They are all weather sealed, have USB rechargeable batteries and robust mounting points.


Ideal "be seen" lights. The Block is the smallest of Bookman's line up but packs in a suprising punch for such a compact unit. These little lights are perfect to keep stowed in your bag or pocket ready for that unexpectedly dark ride home. Equipped with the latest LEDs and Lithium ION battery to make it super bright, without sacrificing battery run time. With its four different modes it is perfect for the commuter to illuminate their twilight rides home or for the dedicated road cyclist that are looking for a slim light to slip in to a jersey pocket.


A serious urban light. The Curve is the big brother of the Block pushing out a maximum brightness of 220 lumens on the front and 37 lumens on the back. Both lights have a very long run time - up to 70 hours for the front and 32 hours for the rear. The design of the frontal element, which curves round nearly 120 degrees, ensures a wide range of light, not only to the front and the rear but also off to the sides. This Curve provides great visibility of the roads as well as being super visible to other road users. Not only this but they are completely weather resistant, ready to show you the way through rain, hail or snow.

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  • The lights seem great but it would be nice for some comments on how they are attached. It looks as though they might just hang loosely on part of the frame or downtube.

    Richard Voyle on

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