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Ride Out Ride On - A cycle outreach service for adults and children with disabilities

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Ride Out Ride On (RORO) is a Bristol-based cycle service dedicated to opening up the benefits and pleasure of cycling to those who may otherwise be unable to go for a ride by themselves. The health and social benefits of physical activity, especially when being done in the outdoors are well documented. From reduced stress and anxiety, improved strength and balance to prevention or management of disease. Cycling in particular has also been linked to the slowing of the effects of Parkinson’s, and recovery in the aftermath of stroke. By taking clients out on a specially designed tandem – the Hase Pino – we can offer a way to enjoy the freedom of movement and joy of cycling, irrespective of how confident or stable they may otherwise feel on a normal bike. The service is open to children or adults, and thanks to a number of different attachments and adaptations that can be made to the tandem, RORO can accommodate a vast range of the individual needs and requirements: people living with impaired visibility, stroke, MS, heart conditions, mobility issues, mental health conditions and more besides.



Holly (RORO’s founder and tandem rider) has been a cyclist since the word go. Whilst volunteering for a Bristol-based cycle charity, and off the back of a handful of chance encounters with other recumbent tandem riders, she was able to see first-hand the improvements cycling can make to people who would otherwise not be able to take themselves out for a ride. Once those cogs were in motion, the decision to start up a small business, dedicated to offering a one-to-one cycle outreach service was inevitable – and for over a year RORO has been able to help different people in and around the city benefit from two-wheeled transport.




A RORO session typically consists of one or two hours, chosen to suit the individual’s abilities and requirements. The routes are typically made up of traffic-free Sustrans and National Cycle Network paths, although trips can be developed in tandem with the client, if they have somewhere in particular they want to visit. Clients can either be picked up from their home, or can be met at a pre-arranged place. Carers, partners, friends or loved ones are heartily invited to join in on the ride, and the rental of a standard Temple bike can also be arranged, if required. The back riders are fully insured and highly knowledgeable.



If you believe you are someone who could benefit from RORO’s services, or if you know someone who could, please get in touch:


Telephone: 07823461892


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