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The Perfect British Bike

As something you use everyday, the bicycle should become an extension of your body. Taking cues from town and city bikes found in more forward-thinking cycling nations (such as the classic steel D...

Pursuit of Perfection

A bicycle should be a part of your life, an object you use everyday; one that you understand how to ride, one that becomes an extension of your body, and something that you know how to fix and care...

Behind the Design: Adventure Disc

The new Adventure Disc is the product of years of careful thought, design and testing. In the first of a new blog series, Matt takes us through the design process and explains his decisions for eac...

Bristol Beer Factory Bike

Bristol Beer Factory have been brewing exceptionally tasty beer in Southville since 2004.

Custom Build - Duncan's 11 speed Porteur bike

Check out this custom build we made for Duncan. He wanted a bike for casual porteur riding, with an 11 speed hub gear.

Special Edition for the Brooks B1866 Store

A couple of months ago, we were contacted by Jim, a graphic designer from Brooks and the guy responsible for the bikes on display in the Brooks store  (called B1866) in Covent Garden. He asked us t...