From the Journal

Looking Ahead to 2021

Read Matt’s end of year round up for an insight into how this year has impacted our business and the cycling industry as a whole, and how we’re preparing for 2021.

Adventure Essentials

All the things you need to keep you riding.

Behind the Design: Step Through Lightweight

An insightful look from Matt, the founder of Temple, into the thoughts and processes behind the design of one of our best selling bikes.

Which Bike is Best for You?

Whether you're a city dweller or a country rider, we will have just the bike you're looking for. Our very own bike guru Tom takes you through the type of bikes we have and what they're good for...

A Summer of Bikes and Bags

Since the launch of the Adventure Disc model at Temple Cycles, I have been slowly converted to the dark side: touring and more recently bikepacking. After ditching old fashioned panniers for some s...

Pursuit of Perfection

A bicycle should be a part of your life, an object you use everyday; one that you understand how to ride, one that becomes an extension of your body, and something that you know how to fix and care...

A Fleet of Temples - Cycle the City

We were delighted to be approached by Bristol's finest bicycle hire company, Cycle the City to produce them with a fresh fleet for the coming seasons. We're thankful for being located in such a cyc...

Step Through Bike Buying Guide

We prefer not to gender stereotype our bikes. We think that anyone can ride a step through, and they should! They're great bikes.

Brooks Saddle Review

Reviewing Brooks saddles might seem a bit odd at first, given that they’ve been around in pretty much the same design for over 150 years. It’s also easy to think that a bike saddle is just a bike s...

Urban Cyclist Magazine

We were delighted to be asked by Jamie at Urban Cyclist Magazine to feature in the Spring issue. Urban Cyclist is a quarterly magazine, focused on city riding.