From the Journal

Pursuit of Perfection

A bicycle should be a part of your life, an object you use everyday; one that you understand how to ride, one that becomes an extension of your body, and something that you know how to fix and care...

The Dunwich Dynamo

The one thing I wasn’t prepared for was the music. When you set out on a 120 mile ride through the night, you naturally expect things to be cold, dark and quiet. This was no normal bike ride, howev...

Ride Out Ride On - A cycle outreach service for adults and children with disabilities

Ride Out Ride On (RORO) is a Bristol-based cycle service dedicated to opening up the benefits and pleasure of cycling to those who may otherwise be unable to go for a ride by themselves. The health...

A Day In Hell - an Adventure Disc Review

Chris Hargreaves, a keen cyclist, blogger and Rapha Ambassador, recently put the Adventure Disc through its paces for Rapha's 'Hell of the North' ride. Here's his take on our go-anywhere touring an...

Dashel helmets - cycling in safety and style

We like to work with other local companies wherever possible, and one of our favourites has to be Dashel. Temple's own Pam Cottrell explains why you should know about Dashel's unique range of cycli...

Touring by Temple - Autumn in Georgia

In the latest instalment of our series of touring stories, friend of Temple and Cycle the City founder Holly takes us on a hilly ride through Georgia.

A Fleet of Temples - Cycle the City

We were delighted to be approached by Bristol's finest bicycle hire company, Cycle the City to produce them with a fresh fleet for the coming seasons. We're thankful for being located in such a cyc...

Step Through Bike Buying Guide

We prefer not to gender stereotype our bikes. We think that anyone can ride a step through, and they should! They're great bikes.

Behind the Design: Adventure Disc

The new Adventure Disc is the product of years of careful thought, design and testing. In the first of a new blog series, Matt takes us through the design process and explains his decisions for eac...

Touring by Temple: An Athens Adventure

Our friend Rhiannon took her Adventure Tour for a ride from London to Athens. This is her story.

Touring by Temple: Across Exmoor

In the first of an ongoing blog series, our own Tom Wood takes us in a cycling adventure across the wilds of Exmoor.

A Welsh Weekender with the Adventure Disc

When I’m not riding my Temple on the road, I love heading out into the hills on my mountain bike to explore some wilder terrain. I use my time in the saddle to contemplate bike design and come up w...