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Boneshaker Magazine Issue #20
Boneshaker Magazine Issue #20
Boneshaker Magazine Issue #20

Boneshaker Magazine Issue #20

Well. A bittersweet moment. Our final issue - at least in this format. This will be with us and ready to ship on Dec 7. Order now and we'll ship as soon as we can after that date.

Issue 20 goes a little something like this:

"Dreams and danger and death. Riding through the redemptive night. Building fire-breathing disco trikes, seeking secret sexy hideaways, eating kangaroo in the outback, laughing in the red dust of distant lands, finding powerful poetry amid race day's rush... yet again our contributors have drawn deep on the rich, strange potion of pedal-driven existence.

What feels different is that this issue will be our last.

After more than eight years and 1500 pages of freedom, friendship and adventure, of politics and poetry, ink and dreams, we're ready to move onto something new.
We've loved the journey so far, and we hope the inspiration we've shared and the wonderful community that's grown around it will live on.
Thank you to everyone who's been involved, sharing stories and pictures, riding with us, feeding our enthusiasm for the mystic beauty of life on two wheels.

This is not goodbye, just farewell for now. We're not ending, we're evolving.

Keep your ears to the ground..."

Cover artwork by Sam Hadley.
100 pages. Foil-block cover. Printed on thick uncoated paper stock by Taylor Brothers, Bristol. And yes, that lovely fresh ink aroma is still there when you open it and stick your silly nose in.