Free Worldwide Delivery Available on all components and accessories


You can purchase a Temple through a number of different Cycle to Work Schemes. If you have access to a different scheme, let us know and we can sign up.

Cycle Scheme, Bike 2 Work, Halfords Cycle to Work, On Your Bike, NHS Bikes, Cycle Solutions, Salary Exchange and more...

This allows you to purchase a heavily discounted bicycle (up to 42% off) in instalments but only if your employer is registered with one of the schemes.

How it works:

- Employer registers with one of the schemes

- You let us know what bike and accessories you would like

- We issue a quotation that you submit to the chosen scheme

- We then receive a voucher, which we will redeem and then we can make your bike, or send it to you if it's pre-built.

Please note that the exact procedure may vary, but just get in touch to talk it through:

0117 403 2314