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Temple cycles classic ladies review

Name: Sally
Bike: Classic Ladies
Usage: Leisure

I am delighted with my Temple Bicycle!

It is only the second bike that I have owned, as an adult. I had a Falcon Road bike, many years ago when I was at university. I used it everyday and it was an integral part of my life. It sadly rusted away in the shed whilst our children grew up, with only the occasional outing. But I missed cycling, I remembered it being such fun and many a picnic was had in the summer in the fields.

As I now have more time, I wanted to find a bike that I could use for excercise, mainly, but I did not want to dress in Lycra or wear special shoes! I also did not want a 'hobby' bike, as I like to think that one day I will take it touring in the south of France! I ride around the area where I live, and I may go 6-8 miles, or further about 20 at the weekends with my husband (who also now has a temple) speed and miles are not the object, fresh air , beautiful views and fun, are.

The bike I have ended up with is perfect, the gears are amazing and the geometry of the bike just seems to make it 'bowl along' the lanes. It's also much lighter than I remember bikes being, really easy to load onto a bike rack. I can even say that I can now cycle up some hills that would previously have seen me walking..... I didn't want racing handlebars either, as I wanted to be able to see everything as I rode along so I opted for swept back handlebars which give you a really comfortable up right position. The ergonomic leather grips are a revelation, brilliantly comfortable.

I really think it's a wonderful bike, I am going to get a front mounted portaging thing, with a beautiful bag that Matt has sourced, for carrying an extra layer and my phone, money and hat. I'm sure that this summer we will cycle all the trails in the area, they seem to be appearing all over the place and make a brilliant day out.

If you want to rediscover carefree days, and love being outdoors, I can't recommend a Temple highly enough!


temple cycles review