- Versatile bikes with classic style -

A Temple Cycles bike is designed to be practical and stylish with a hybrid geometry that mixes classic road bike, touring and cyclocross design to give a comfortable ride that can go anywhere or do anything.

Our bikes are versatile because of the many configurations possible. For example, our frames can be built into a lightweight and simple single speed bike for urban riding, but maintain all the features required to upgrade to have gears, fatter tyres, mudguards and pannier racks in case you need to take it on a touring adventure!

We like to try out new ideas, and are always creating interesting custom bikes such as vintage style path racers, or elegant ladies town bikes kitted out with bamboo mudguards and Brooks saddles. You can see the latest designs on the ‘MODELS’ section of the website.

Our bikes have distinct retro styling, which is a refreshing change from the bright colours and modern graphics usually found on modern bikes.

- The Process -

Each bicycle is built to order, one at a time, in the workshop just outside Bristol. Our aim is to keep as much as the production process in the UK as possible without the cost getting too high. We don’t want you waiting for your bike either, and the production time will between 3-10 working days. 

We want to build a bicycle that will last you a lifetime. Something you can cherish for years to come. You can choose to have a custom build, where the bike will be made specially to suit your needs, or choose one of our set 'model' designs.

When your bike is ready, you can pick the bike up from the workshop, or we will arrange a courier to deliver it to you in a big brown cardboard box.



- The Frames -

There are currently two different frame designs that we have developed. We have put a lot of thought and testing into the design of these frames  as they are intended to be versatile, practical and elegant. They have all the mounts to attach mudguards and pannier racks. They are constructed from double butted, 4130 steel tubing, and made using traditional frame building techniques. 

The frames are produced in small batches by a small Taiwanese frame manufacturer known for it’s quality and craftsmanship. Once we receive the frames, we take them to a powder coater down the road for priming, powder coating and lacquering. This gives a beautiful pearly finish which is tough and protective. To finish off the frame, we apply aircraft grade decals and a metal head-badge that is custom made for us by hand, in small batches by Geoff Moorhouse.

Every small detail has been carefully considered, that is why the frames have all the necessary characteristics to be built into all sorts of configurations. It can be built into a singlespeed town bike, and light touring bike, or a path finding, mile eating machine.



- The Parts -

The quality of the components is key to the longevity and performance of a bicycle. We have a selection of high quality parts that are used to make our bikes. 

We like to use simple and interesting parts and accessories that you don’t usually find on your average bike such as bamboo mudguards and Brooks leather saddles.