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We build every bike in our workshop in Bristol. The Core range includes designs that we have tried, tested and developed over time. They make great solutions for most cyclists.


These bikes are our best selling all-rounders. Constructed with our Reynolds 520 steel frame, they're lightweight, versatile and comfortable. The perfect bike for urban commuting, country rambles or light touring.


Comfortable and sporty riding position. Lightweight Reynolds 520 steel frame and hybrid components, make this bike ideal for commuting, urban riding, fitness or light touring. Plenty of gears for steep hills.


Comfortable and upright riding position. Never has a bike in this class been so easy to ride and lightweight. Ideal for urban commuting, fitness or light touring. Plenty of gears for hills and a choice of four colours.


Our Adventure bikes are designed for your journey, whether its a trans-continental exploration or simply your daily commute. These bikes can tackle a range of terrain and topography and have all the features you will ever need. Tough, durable, fast and reliable.


A bike that can go anywhere, transport you and your luggage, and take a pounding. Our Adventure Disc has plenty of clearance for wide tyres and mudguards, all the mounts for front and rear pannier racks, and comes complete with high end Shimano gearing.


Smooth on the roads and ready for your longer, faster rides. Fitted with a lightweight wheelset and STI gearing, the Adventure Road has you covered and makes the perfect, versatile steel frame road bike.

singlespeed / fixed gear

Are you looking for a simple and stylish, lightweight and low maintenance machine? Our Singlespeeds might just fit the bill. We have designed them to be a bit easier on the wallet compared to our geared offerings, but maintain the high quality and finishing detail we are known for. Brilliantly simple and care-free bikes for urban riding and commuting on.

RACER - £615

Built with around our Classic Reynolds 520 frameset using a selection of quality components. The Racer comes with drop handlebars, leather bar wrap and sealed bearing track wheels. It's light, speedy and a lot of fun to ride.

RISER - £615

Built with around our Classic Reynolds 520 frameset using a selection of quality components. The Riser comes with riser handlebars, leather grips and sealed bearing track wheels. It has a more upright riding position than the Racer.