General Information

Yes, we produce a limited number of bikes each year. We release these in batches 3 times per year. Once a batch is sold out, it won’t come back into stock until the next batch is produced.

Our emphasis on doing things properly means we prioritise quality over mass production. Our reputation for producing some of the highest quality bikes that are built to last is very important to us. This is at the core of what we’re about.

For the above reasons, our bikes are available on limited release.

Due to the limited release and high demand for our bikes, our bikes can sell out quickly. We recommend signing up for our stock notifications on the product page to make sure you are first to know when the bike you woud like comes back into stock. 

Availability can vary based on the model and demand. We release bikes in batches 3 times per year. This means that the bike you want can come back into stock just 3 times per year.

No, we stick to our core colour palette. We keep to timeless and understated tones that age well and compliment the form of our bikes. You can view these on the individual product pages on our website. 

Colour and design is very important to us, and we’re immensely proud of our distinguished and timeless colour palette. It’s what we’ve become known for over the years and we couldn’t be happier. 

You might see photos or videos of bikes in colours that aren’t available to order. This is because they are either discontinued colours or previous limited editions that won’t be available again.

Yes, our bikes are designed for easy setup. They arrive mostly assembled, with a few simple steps required to get riding. We also provide an Assembly Guide for assistance.

Temple Cycles takes great pride in the craftsmanship and quality of our bicycles, which are produced in two key locations. Our higher-end models are meticulously built in Bristol, UK, where we focus on detailed workmanship and ultra-high quality. This Bristol facility is where our most premium bikes come to life, embodying the pinnacle of our design and engineering expertise.

For our other models, we have a dedicated workshop in Portugal. This facility allows us to combine skilled craftsmanship with efficient production processes, ensuring that each bike meets our high standards of quality and design. The Portuguese workshop plays a crucial role in allowing us to offer a wider range of bikes, catering to various needs and preferences of our customers.

By operating in these two distinct locations, we are able to maintain a balance between artisinal batch production and efficient, scalable manufacturing. This approach ensures that all Temple bikes, regardless of where they are made, uphold our commitment to quality, durability, and timeless design.

You can find out more about how we produce our bikes here.

Absolutely. Temple bikes are designed with timelessness in mind, both in style and durability. We believe in creating bikes that endure, both functionally and aesthetically. As your bike ages, it's likely to gain character and charm, turning into a vintage piece that stands the test of time. The idea is that a Temple bike isn't just a purchase; it's an investment that can be cherished for generations, potentially becoming a cherished vintage item that holds both sentimental and practical value.

We want to ensure you love your new Temple bike.

Therefore, we now offer a 30-day test period on bike purchases to give you the time to get out on your favourite ride and make sure that you’re happy with your new bike.

All we ask is that apart from the expected wear and tear from a test ride, there is no other damage.

Should you wish to return your bike within the 30-day test period for any reason, you can start the process here.

Choosing a bike

We’ve kept things nice and simple. Our bikes are separated by distinct categories to suit different riding styles. Once you know which category you’d like, simply choose based on your budget or style preferences.

Our website offers detailed descriptions and specifications for each model to help you decide. You can also contact us for personalised advice.

It’s important to choose the right size, that’s why we’ve made it as simple and clear as possible.

Each model has an easy “size guide” that you can refer to. This will be accessible by clicking on the “size guide” button on the product page.

We also have an overview “size guide” page which you can find in the navigation.

If you're still unsure, feel free to contact us with your measurements for a recommendation.

At Temple, we understand that each rider is unique, which is why we offer a curated selection of customisation options. After you've selected your dream bike and added it to your shopping cart, you'll discover an array of choices to personalise your ride. This includes a variety of thoughtfully designed accessory add-ons to enhance your cycling experience. Please note that these are the only customisation options available. 

While we once offered fully bespoke bicycles in our earlier days, our growth has led us to focus on producing superior-quality bikes in carefully planned batches. This shift means we no longer provide full custom builds or extensive customisation. However, rest assured that each Temple bike is meticulously designed with versatility and the needs of most cyclists in mind. Our streamlined approach ensures that, while the options may be simpler, they are no less thoughtful or tailored to the modern rider’s requirements.

You might see photos or videos of bikes in colours that aren’t available to order. This is because they are either discontinued colours or previous limited editions that won’t be available again.

However our core colour palette is timeless and perfectly complements the overall aesthetics of our bikes.

Yes, you can certainly test ride a Temple bike. We understand the importance of experiencing a bike firsthand before making a decision. To cater to this need, we offer test rides at several locations:

  • Bristol Workshop: You can book a test ride at our original Bristol location, where you can experience a range of our bikes in the environment where they are crafted.
  • London Store: Our London store also offers test rides. It's a great place to try out our bikes and get a feel for them in an urban setting.
  • Berlin Store: Our store and showroom in Berlin is another fantastic option for test rides. Here, you can experience our bikes and get a sense of their performance and style in one of Europe’s cycling capitals.
  • Munich Store: In Munich, our store and showroom provides an opportunity to try out our bikes in yet another vibrant urban environment known for its cycling culture.

At each of these locations, our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to help you choose the right bike and size, and answer any questions you may have. We recommend booking a test ride in advance through our website to ensure the availability of the specific models you're interested in.

You can book a test ride here.

The Temple rider community is a friendly bunch, so if you spot another rider on a Temple, it’s usually well worth a casual chat about Temple bikes, and it’s the perfect conversation opener. 

You can also experience Temple bikes in real life at several key locations, each offering a unique opportunity to see our range of high-quality bicycles:

  • Bristol Workshop: Visit our original workshop in Bristol, UK, where many of our bikes are built. We have a dedicated showroom attached to the workshop with the whole range on display.
  • London Store: Our store in London is a perfect spot to view a wide selection of our bikes. You can also interact with our knowledgeable staff who can provide detailed information about each model.
  • Berlin Store: In Berlin, our store presents a great opportunity to explore our bikes in one of Europe’s most vibrant cycling cities. Here, you can get a close look at the design and features of our bikes in a unique setting.
  • Munich Store: Our store in Munich allows you to see our bikes in a dynamic environment. This location is ideal for getting a hands-on feel for our range and seeing how they perform.

These locations not only showcase our bikes but also reflect our commitment to accessibility and community engagement in cycling. Whether you're looking to purchase, test ride, or simply explore our range, these venues offer a welcoming environment to experience what makes Temple bikes special. We also regularly run community events from these locations such as ride-outs and workshops.

Find out more about our stores, opening hours and other information here.

Placing an Order

Our online ordering process is straightforward and user-friendly. Simply select your bike, add to cart, customise if desired, and follow the checkout process.

We’ll then get to work preparing your bike and have it shipped to you right away.

You can find out more information in our “quick start” guide here.

When you order a Temple bike, we ensure that it arrives at your doorstep with utmost care and in excellent condition. Here's what you can expect:

  • Careful Packaging: Your bike will be securely and meticulously packaged to prevent any damage during transit. We use sturdy, eco-friendly materials for packaging, ensuring both protection and sustainability.
  • 95% Assembled: The bike will arrive 95% assembled for convenience and safety during shipping. This typically includes attaching the front wheel, pedals and adjusting the handlebars. We design this process to be straightforward and user-friendly.
  • Assembly Guide Included: An easy-to-follow Assembly Guide will be included in the package. This guide provides step-by-step instructions, making the final setup process manageable even for those new to cycling.
  • Professional Assistance Available: If you're not comfortable with assembling the bike yourself, you can take it to a local bike shop for professional assembly. Most bike shops offer this service at a reasonable cost.

By following these steps, you'll have your Temple bike ready for its maiden voyage in no time. We aim to make the unboxing and assembly experience as smooth and enjoyable as riding the bike itself.

Yes, we offer finance options including Klarna. This allows you to split your payments into manageable chunks. You can select Klarna as a payment option during the checkout process.

Please note this is only currently available for UK customers.

Absolutely, we accept several Cycle to Work schemes and JobRad for German customers. You can find more information about the schemes we work with and the process involved here.

Yes, you can place an order directly at any of our stores. It’s a great way to see the bikes in real life and take a bike for a test ride too.

Find out more about our stores, opening hours and other information here. 

You can login and monitor the status of your order here.

This is our customer portal where you can see the status of all your current and past orders.

Once your order is dispatched, you will receive a tracking number via email to monitor your delivery.

We understand that sometimes plans change, and you might need to modify or cancel your order. If your order has not yet been processed or dispatched, we are more than happy to accommodate your requests for changes or cancellations.

Please keep in mind that we often begin preparing your bike shortly after your order is placed. To ensure we can make any necessary adjustments, we kindly ask that you contact us as soon as possible if you need to make a change.

In the event that you decide to cancel your order after we have already started preparing or producing it, a small cancellation fee of 5% will apply. This fee is not intended to be punitive; it merely helps to cover the logistics costs that we have already incurred and the time already committed to preparing or producing your bike.

If you have any questions or uncertainties about which bike might be right for you before placing your order. Our team is always here to assist and provide guidance to ensure you make a choice you'll be delighted with.

You can contact our customer service team for prompt and friendly assistance with any changes or cancellations. We're here to make your experience with Temple Cycles as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Please contact us here.

At Temple, we provide our bikes and accessories with a focus on simplicity and user convenience. While we don't fit accessories to your bike before dispatch, each bike comes with clear, straightforward instructions for attaching any accessories you've ordered. This DIY approach is designed to be easily manageable, ensuring you can personalise and set up your bike quickly and with minimal fuss.

Shipping & Returns

You can monitor the status of your order here.

Once your order is dispatched, you will receive a tracking number via email to monitor your delivery.

We offer a range of shipping options at Temple Cycles, including standard and express delivery. These can be viewed and selected at checkout.

For bike orders, we provide an option to have your bike delivered directly to you in a special bike box. Your bike will be 95% assembled upon arrival, with a few simple steps required to fully set it up. You will receive tracking information for this delivery option.

Alternatively, you can choose to collect your bike from one of our stores if this is more convenient for you. You can find out details about our stores here.

Shipping costs vary depending on the destination and chosen shipping method. 

Please look here for comprehensive guide of shipping costs to your location.

Yes, you can order online and opt for in-store collection. We offer this convenient service at our stores in London, Bristol, Berlin, and Munich. Once you've made your selection online, simply choose the 'collect in-store' option at checkout and select the store location most convenient for you. We'll notify you when your order is ready for collection.

You can find more comprehensive information about click & collect here.

Delivery times vary based on the model and your location. 

Some models we have in stock and ready for delivery, so we can get these delivered in under one week. Other models are built to order and may incur a lead time of 2 weeks or more. 

You'll find estimated delivery times on each product page. This will also go up or down depending on how many orders we have to prepare and deliver.

We ship worldwide, including to the EU. We have a warehouse, showrooms and also service centres in the EU as-well.

For more information regarding shipping please see here.

Yes, we are based in the UK and have our main workshop and warehouse here. Therefore a large portion of our orders are shipped to UK customers.

The best way to know if the bike is right for you is to get out and ride it!

All of our bikes, parts and accessories can be returned within 30 days from the date of delivery for an exchange or refund.

Please note that it's easiest to return bikes directly to us at one of our stores. If this isn't possible then we can arrange a collection from your address.

You can ride your bike within this period, but please make sure to take good care of it. If you decide to return it, make sure it's clean and in it's original packaging and box.

Click here to read here for further info about returning an order.

All of our bikes, parts and accessories can be returned within 30 days from the date of delivery for an exchange or refund.

If you have an order you’d like to return, please click here for further information.

Unboxing & bike setup

Yes it is very easy, and we’ve designed it so that the setup process is manageable even for those new to cycling. 

When your bike arrives at your doorstep, here's what to expect:

  • Careful Packaging: We securely pack your bike in sturdy, eco-friendly materials to ensure it arrives in excellent condition, protecting it from any transit damage.
  • 95% Assembled: Your bike will be 95% assembled upon arrival. This typically includes the simple tasks of attaching the front wheel, pedals, and adjusting the handlebars. We've designed these steps to be manageable and user-friendly.
  • Assembly Guide: An easy-to-follow Assembly Guide is included with your bike. This guide offers step-by-step instructions that are clear and straightforward.
  • Professional Assistance Option: If you prefer, you can take your bike to a local bike shop for professional assembly, available at most shops for a reasonable fee.

These steps are designed to get your Temple bike ready for its first ride swiftly and enjoyably. Our goal is to make the setup experience as smooth as riding the bike itself.

Unboxing and assembling your bike is a simple and hassle-free process, involving just a few easy steps.

Our bikes are designed to be lightweight, making them easy to lift out of the packaging. Remember to retain the box and packaging materials for future use, and when no longer needed, please recycle them responsibly.

Along with your bike, you'll receive an assembly guide that's straightforward and easy to follow, ensuring a smooth setup experience.

For more comprehensive guidance, including detailed information and instructional videos, please visit this page. These resources clearly demonstrate the assembly process.

At Temple, our approach to delivering bikes and accessories centers on ease and user-friendliness. We don’t pre-attach accessories to your bike prior to shipping, but we ensure that every bike is accompanied by clear and concise instructions for fitting any additional items you may have selected. This do-it-yourself method is crafted for your convenience, allowing you to effortlessly personalize and prepare your bike for the road with minimal effort.

Absolutely. If you prefer, you can take your bike to a professional mechanic for setup. This is a common task that local bike shops can do for you, and it’s a great option which we recommend if you arent confident setting up the bike yourself. It’s also very affordable and can be worth it for peace of mind.

We encourage you to keep the packaging until you are sure that you want to keep the bike. After that, we encourage recycling the packaging materials. The bike box can be reused or recycled according to local regulations.

Repair, servicing & Warranty

Temple bikes are engineered with longevity in mind. Our focus on high-quality frames ensures that the core of your bike is built to endure. Moreover, we understand that some parts may experience wear over time, which is why we've designed these components to be easily serviceable and replaceable. This approach enhances the durability of your bike, making it not just a purchase, but a lasting investment. With proper care and occasional maintenance, your Temple bike is designed to accompany you on countless journeys, potentially for a lifetime.

Yes, any reputable bike shop can service or repair your Temple bike. We’ve purposely designed our bikes to be universally serviceable. We think this is key to making sustainable bikes that will last a lifetime.

Yes, all of our bikes come with a lifetime warranty. You can find further information here.

All our parts and accessories come with a 1-2 year warranty unless otherwise stated.

We take the quality of our products very seriously and back this up with a straight forward warranty process. 

If you encounter an issue covered by our warranty, please fill out this warranty return form here to start the process.

We’re dedicated to offering the best service we can in the EU. We have dedicated workshops and service centres in Berlin and Munich. Here you can find our friendly team, ready to help you. Bring your bike in for servicing or repair work whenever is convenient for you.

For more information please see here.

Sustainability & Impact

Temple's commitment to sustainability is deeply rooted in our approach to bicycle design and manufacturing. We want our bikes to become vintage.

A key aspect of this is our use of 100% recycled steel for all our bike frames. This choice not only reduces waste but also significantly lowers the environmental impact compared to using new raw materials. Additionally, at the end of their life, our bike frames can be fully recycled, further minimizing environmental footprints.

Our bikes are designed for longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thereby diminishing waste. We also focus on ensuring that our bikes are easy to service. By designing components that can be readily maintained and replaced, we extend the lifespan of each bike, further contributing to sustainability. This approach not only makes our bikes more durable but also more user-friendly, as cyclists can easily keep their bikes in top condition.

Incorporating these practices, we contribute to a circular economy where products are used for as long as possible, then recycled at the end of their lifecycle. This commitment to durability, serviceability, and recyclability reflects our dedication to a sustainable future and responsible cycling culture.

At Temple, we actively promote cycling as an accessible, enjoyable, and inclusive activity, moving away from the often elitist focus on high performance and intense fitness regimes. Our approach is about inspiring a love for cycling in its most authentic and freeing form.

We regularly organise "ride-outs," inviting people from all walks of life to experience the joy and liberation of cycling. These events are designed not just for seasoned cyclists, but for anyone interested in exploring the world on two wheels, demonstrating the simplicity and pleasure of cycling.

Our signature event, the "Temple Campout," exemplifies our commitment to fostering a cycling community. Here, we take 70-100 people on a weekend adventure filled with cycling, camping, and communal cooking. This experience is about more than just cycling; it's about building connections, enjoying the outdoors, and celebrating the simple joys of life on a bike.

Furthermore, our marketing efforts are geared towards promoting cycling as a daily activity. Through our campaigns, we aim to encourage more people to take up cycling and to do it more frequently. By showcasing cycling as a fun, environmentally friendly, and health-promoting activity, we strive to make it a more integral part of people's lives.

Yes, you can recycle Temple products. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the fact that a majority of the materials used in our products, such as steel and aluminium, are recyclable. We design our bikes and components with the environment in mind, ensuring that approximately 95% of them can be recycled, repaired, or repurposed at the end of their lifecycle.

Additionally, we are actively engaged in finding solutions for recycling or repurposing e-bike batteries, a crucial aspect of our environmental responsibility. This approach not only minimizes waste but also aligns with our goal of contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly cycling industry.

While we are proud of our sustainable practices, we acknowledge that there is always room for improvement. At Temple, we understand that perfection in sustainability is a continuous journey, not a destination. We are constantly exploring new methods and innovative approaches to enhance the eco-friendliness of our products and operations. Our commitment to this path means actively seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact even further. We believe in transparency and growth, and we're dedicated to evolving our practices to achieve an even greater level of sustainability.

Temple predominantly utilises packaging materials that are both eco-friendly and practical, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. Our packaging choices include:

  • Corrugated Cardboard: Sourced from recycled materials, this forms the primary packaging for our products, offering robust protection while being environmentally responsible.
  • Recycled Paper and Card Jiffy Bags: These are used for smaller items, ensuring safety during transit and aligning with our recycling ethos.
  • Recycled Plastic Protection Bags: A necessary component for certain parts, these bags are made from recycled plastic. We're continually working to reduce our use of plastic packaging and have successfully reduced it by 65% since 2015.
  • Non-Recycled Protective Foam: Used minimally in our bike boxes, this foam offers additional protection for the bikes during shipping. We strive to keep its usage to the bare minimum.
  • Recyclable Plastic Dropout Mounts: These are essential for ensuring the safety of bikes during transportation and are fully recyclable.

Our packaging strategy is a balance between protecting our products effectively and minimizing environmental impact. We are continuously exploring ways to further reduce our use of plastics and increase the sustainability of our packaging materials.