our promise

timeless bikes | built to last

Temple is inspired by the classic steel framed bikes that are still found on our streets today. We set out to emulate their dependable, timeless designs. Combining modern technology, craftsmanship and the finest materials, we’ve created our own range of bikes that will one day become vintage.

our process


In his university years, Matt repaired vintage bikes from the '60s to the '80s, developing a passion for their reliable and elegant designs. This inspired him to create Temple in 2014, where he blended the charm of vintage bikes with modern materials, manufacturing techniques, and technology.

The outcome is Temple's versatile range, merging timeless aesthetics with innovative design, surpassing many competitors in performance.


Quality bike creation is a global endeavour. We design, test, and assemble our bikes in Bristol, sourcing top components from expert suppliers worldwide.

Our frames use traditional 'Reynolds' Steel, a renowned name in bicycle materials specialising in butted steel frame tubes for premium bikes.

The frames are fabricated in batches by our Taiwanese frame manufacturing partner, known for their quality craftsmanship. Finally, in Cardiff, EQC powder coats the frames, providing a durable, beautiful finish three times thicker than standard paint methods.


Our master bike builders, the backbone of Temple, assemble each bike in our Bristol workshop with the upmost precision, using top-quality components for product longevity.

We prioritise sustainability in every aspect, from the materials and suppliers we choose to our production processes.

Believing in lifetime-lasting products, we create high-quality, easily maintainable bikes with accessible spares, ensuring seamless riding for years to come.


We believe that bikes should become vintage, so we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our frames.